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    Nothing As Dangerous As A Woman Porned

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    (A customer has just finished checking out two adult movies.)

    Coworker: “Have a good evening, sir!”

    Customer: *whirls back after taking a few steps* “Oh crap!”

    (He rushes back to the counter before the next customer can come up.)

    Coworker: “Did you forget something, sir?”

    Customer: *trying to speak quietly* “I shouldn’t have used my card! Can you reverse it? I have cash! I can pay with cash!”

    (I notice the situation. I come over to help.)

    Me: “Sir, if it’s a problem I’d be happy to refund the charge back to your card.”

    Customer: “My wife is going to see it online! She’s going to kill me!”

    (He seems to be starting to panic.)

    Customer: “Yeah, you have to reverse it!”

    Me: “I see. Well, unfortunately, even if I do that the charge and the refund will both still appear on your bank statement, but–”

    Customer: *interrupting* “No good! I have to get to the bank right now! I have to stop them!”

    (He rushes out the door. He forgets the movies and has to run back in for them.)

    Me: “Sir, it’s alright, the–”

    Customer: “I have to stop the bank!”

    (He almost trips up running out again. He didn’t give me time to explain that his bank statement will only show our store name; not the titles he rented.)