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    Not Just Any Warm Crunchy Bread, Mind You

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    Me: “So, what can I get you?”

    Hobo: “I’m pretty hungry so I guess I’ll have…” *stares at menu*

    Me, 3 minutes later: “I’ll come ba-”

    Hobo: “I want some toast!”

    Me: “Okay, toast is all, I’ll be right back.”

    Hobo: “Yeah, that’s what I want…french toast.”

    Me: “Excuse me?”

    Hobo: “I want some french toast. How much does that cost?”

    Me: “Sorry, sir, we don’t have french toast.”

    Hobo: “Then what do you have?”

    Me: “Um…toast?”

    Hobo: “Toast? What’s that?”

    *long pause*

    Me: “Warm crunchy bread, sir.”

    Hobo: “Yeah, bring me some white, warm crunchy bread!”