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    Not For The Intellectually Handicapped

    | Los Angeles, CA, USA | Liars & Scammers

    Customer: “When I went, they wouldn’t let me park in the handicap spot because I didn’t have a tag.”

    Me: “Well, are you handicapped?”

    Customer: “No. I shared the price of the spot with my brother who is handicapped.”

    Me: “Then you can’t park there.”

    Customer: “But I paid for it!”

    Me: “Miss, the police are really cracking down on this. If you park there and are not handicapped, they will ticket and tow your car resulting in fees up to or over $1,000.”

    Customer: “But I paid for it!”

    Me: “You can’t park there. You’re not handicapped. It doesn’t matter if you paid for it. If you’re not handicapped, then you cannot park in a handicapped spot.”

    Customer: “That is so useless!”