• My Roommate Is My Pet Hate
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    Not A Fan Of The Fan

    | CA, USA | Hotels & Lodging

    (I am working the front desk at my hotel, when one of the guests comes up.)

    Me: “Good morning! Do you need to check out?”

    Customer: “Yes, but I want to complain.”

    Me: “Oh, dear. What seems to be the problem?”

    Customer: “Well, the fan in the bathroom is very loud, and it kept me up all night!”

    Me: “It did? I’ll leave a note for maintenance. That’s strange, though. It wouldn’t turn off at all?”

    Customer: “No! I thought it was on a timer or something, but it just kept running all night long!”

    Me: “That’s very odd. Was it running when you entered the room?”

    Customer: “No, it turned on when I… flipped… the…” *blinks a bit in realization* “Oh! Well, poop!”

    Me: “…turned on the light in the bathroom?”

    Customer: “Yup. Sorry to bother you!”