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    No Short Cuts In Private School

    | Adelaide, Australia | Uncategorized

    (I am having my hair done and over hearing a conversation between a mother, her daughter and the hairdresser.)

    Hairdresser: “Oh dear…sweetie.”

    Child: “What is it?”

    Hairdresser: “I’m afraid I can’t cut your hair today.” *to the mother* “Excuse me ma’am?”

    (The mother ignores the hairdresser and talks on her mobile phone.)

    Hairdresser: “Excuse me.”

    (Mother continues to ignore her.)

    Hairdresser: “Ma’am!”

    Mother: “What!? Can’t you see I am on the phone?”

    Hairdresser: “I am sorry, but I’m afraid I can’t cut your daughter’s hair.”

    Mother: “What do you mean you can’t cut my daughter’s hair?”

    Hairdresser: “I’m very sorry, but it is against store policy to cut anybody’s hair if they have lice.”

    Mother: “Lice!? She can’t have lice! She goes to a private school!”