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    No Scan, No Scam

    | Newton, NJ, USA | Liars & Scammers, Money

    (I work in a store in a small town where most of the customers are elderly and sweet. If a price doesn’t come up, I will generally trust a customer if they say they know the exact price.)

    Me: “Oh, there’s no bar code on this.”

    Customer: “Well, it was $39.99, but I guess that doesn’t help you.”

    Me: “Well, I can enter it manually. You’re sure it was $39.99?”

    Customer: “Actually, it was…$19.99.”

    Me: “Sir, do you really want me to call for a price check and make you and all the people behind you wait ten minutes for someone to come up here?”

    Customer: *defeated* “…It was $39.99.”