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  • New Degrees Of Stupidity

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    (I work in a clothing store at an outlet mall where we get a lot of Canadian customers. It was particularly cold on the day this occurred. Two teenage girls walk into my store.)

    Me: “Hey, how are you girls doing this morning? Are you staying warm?”

    Girl #1: “We’re trying!”

    Me: “When I came into the store from my car this morning, it was 18 degrees! That’s FREEZING!”

    Girl #1: “Yeah it is… Wait, how did you know we were from Canada?”

    Me: “…I didn’t…”

    Girl #1: “But how did you know we needed Celsius instead of Fahrenheit?”

    Me: “Uh… that was Fahrenheit.”

    Girl #2: *laughs at her friend* “Wow! Now this girl probably thinks we’re stupid! Good job!”