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    Neither Gratis Nor Grateful

    | Lawrenceville, GA, USA | Uncategorized

    (At the mall one day as a customer, I get tired and try to find a place to sit. All the benches are taken, so I sit in one of the coin-op massage chairs. Another customer in the chair next to me turns to talk.)

    Other customer: “This isn’t all that great.”

    Me: “What’s not?”

    Other customer: “This chair. I hardly feel a thing!”

    Me: “That’s odd. I guess I won’t pay for a massage, then.”

    Other customer: “Pay? It isn’t free?”

    Me: “No, you have to put some money into the coin slot there. I guess that’s why yours isn’t working.” *laughs*

    Other customer: “Why are you laughing?” *hands me a dollar* “Make it vibrate!”