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    Needs To Get Put In Her Place

    | PA, USA | Spouses & Partners, Top

    (I work at a hardware store in the lawn and garden area. On request, I go to help an aging couple out with some decorative rocks)

    Husband: “Thank you very much!”

    Wife: “Don’t thank him! That’s what they’re here for.”

    Me: *smiles awkwardly* “How many bags do you need?”

    Wife: “Eight.”

    Me: “Alright, let me get that for you.”

    (I begin loading the cart with the bags; each weighs around 60lbs.)

    Wife: *to her husband* “See? This is why you go to [store name]. They have people who know their place.”

    Me: *finishes loading* “Anything else?”

    Wife: “Yes, take it out to the cashier and then load it into the car.”

    Me: *takes the cart out*

    Wife: *to her husband* “See? Well behaved and responds to direct commands, like they should!”

    Me: *finishes loading their car after check out*

    (The husband looks around shiftily after his wife enters the car, and surprisingly tries to force money into my hand.)

    Husband: “I’m so sorry!”