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    Museum Hours Negotiable

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    (I work in a museum. I don’t answer phone calls when I am working with visitors, and have missed multiple phone calls from the same number. They never leave a message. All pertinent information such as hours and admission prices are on the phone message. A visitor approaches the desk.)

    Me: “Welcome to the museum!”

    Visitor: “You never answer the phone.”

    Me: “I do if I have the opportunity.”

    Visitor: “I’ve called several times in the last week.”

    Me: “That was you?”

    (I verify their name matches the caller ID.)

    Me: “If you’d left a message, I would have gotten back to you.”

    Visitor: “I didn’t want to leave a message. I just wanted to see if you were open.”

    Me: “The voicemail message should say that our hours are–”

    Visitor: “Yes, I know when your hours are!”

    Me: “Then why did you keep phoning?”

    Visitor: “I wanted to see if you were actually open!”