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    Mouse To Mouse Resuscitation

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    (An irate customer comes flying through the door and slams a soaking wet, dead hamster on the counter. I recognize her as a woman I had sold a hamster to an hour ago.)

    Me: “Oh my goodness what happened?!”

    Customer: “I took this hamster home and he didn’t even live 10 minutes!”

    Me: “Why is he all wet?”

    Customer: “From being in the aquarium! He swam for awhile, but then he just dropped dead!

    Me: “I’m sorry, are you telling me you put him in an aquarium full of water?”

    Customer: “You told me hamsters can live in aquariums! You said I didn’t need to buy a cage specifically for hamsters!”

    Me: “Hamsters can live in an aquarium, but not in water! When you were picking him out didn’t you notice the others are in empty aquariums with bedding?”

    Customer: “You told me he could live in an aquarium! I demand a new hamster! One that is alive!”

    Me: “I really don’t think any of our animals are going to work out for you.”