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    Monster Having A Ball

    | CO, USA | Holidays

    (I’m working as a sign waver for a popular Halloween-themed seasonal retail chain. Because of the theme, I’m dressed in costume. I’m approached by a pair of teenage girls, but because I’m a little guy, I’m shorter than they are.)

    Girl #1: “Hey! What are you supposed to be?””

    Me: “I’m a pumpkin ghoul.”

    Girl #2: “Would you be mad if I pushed you over?”

    Me: *taken aback* “I believe I would. Though, because I was summoned unwillingly into this world to advertise for [Halloween chain], I am still a monster.”

    Girl #1: “Okay, that’s creepy.”

    (The two then run away as quickly as they could after exchanging uneasy looks.)

    Me: *calling after them* “Have a happy Halloween!”