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    Mom Is Breaking Bad Habits

    | Australia | At The Checkout, Criminal/Illegal, Family & Kids, Health & Body

    (I am serving a customer who is purchasing over $600 worth of clothing and accessories for her son’s upcoming 21st birthday, as well as making an exchange on his behalf.)

    Me: “Okay. Was there anything else before I process the exchange?”

    Customer: “No. Here you go!”

    (She hands me the bag with the original item. As I remove it from the bag, an obviously used meth pipe falls onto the counter.)

    Me: *in disbelief* “Um…”

    Customer: “Oh, my God! What is that?”

    Me: “Um, it’s a pipe…”

    Customer: “A pipe? Like a smoking pipe? What is it for?”

    Me: *I pause, unsure of how to break it to her*

    Customer: “Is it for marijuana?!”

    (By now she is already visibly flustered, looking incredibly angry, and, most of all, mortified. I decide not to tell her what it really is, in fear of her having a heart attack in front of me.)

    Me: “Yeah. It’s for marijuana.”

    Customer: “I’m going to kill him! What else is he doing? Oh, my God. I’m so embarrassed!”

    Me: “He’s obviously got a lot of explaining to do?”

    Customer: “I’ll have to confront him about this. Who knows if he’ll be getting anything at all for his birthday?!”

    (To my surprise, she actually still purchased everything. I do wonder if her son confessed to what he was actually smoking!)