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    Might Have To Go Through Alternative Channels

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    Me: “Thank you for calling [satellite tv]. How may I help you?”

    Customer: “I just bought new equipment. Turn it on for me.”

    Me: “Yes, sir.”

    (I take down customer’s info. I try to turn his satellite TV on with no success.)

    Me: “Sir, is your receiver hooked up?”

    Customer: “Yea, it’s plugged in.”

    Me: “Is it connected to the TV?”

    Customer: “Of course. I’m not an idiot!”

    Me: “Sorry, sir, they make us ask. Is your satellite dish installed on your roof?”

    Customer: “Is my what on the roof?”

    Me: “Your dish, sir. Is it on the roof?”

    Customer: “I don’t have a dish on the roof, but I have over fifty of them in the kitchen.”