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    Manly Beers Are Truly Cosmopolitan

    | Atlanta, GA, USA | Uncategorized

    (The bar has 100 beers on draft and 207 in bottle. We give customers a beer menu due to the large number of beers that are constantly changing.)

    Me: “Good afternoon, sir. Can I get you started with something to drink?”

    Customer: “I’d like a beer. What have you got on draft?”

    Me: “Well, sir, we have 100 beers on draft. I can give you a minute to look over the menu if you like. I know there’s quite a lot to choose from.”

    Customer: “I don’t want to read this. Just tell me what you got.”

    Me: “I haven’t quite memorized them sir. They change almost every day. I can recommend something if you like. Or you can try one of our beers of the month.”

    Customer: “Well, I don’t want anything fruity. I’m no pansy see? What dark beers you got?”

    (I list a few dark lagers, ports, and stouts. The customer and I go back and forth for a few minutes because he doesn’t recognize anything. I offer to get him samples to make the process easier.)

    Customer: “Ah, forget it. I’ll just get a mojito.”