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    Looney For The Tunes

    | MI, USA | Awesome Customers

    (I work at a feed mill. I am helping a customer load her car.)

    Me: “Is there anything else I can help you with, ma’am?”

    Customer: “No, I’m good.”

    (As she is getting in her car, I notice a Looney Toons special edition jacket.)

    Me: “That is a very nice jacket, ma’am. My father has one just like it, and I absolutely love it.”

    Customer: “Does he have this exact one?”

    Me: “Yes he does.”

    Customer: “Very cool.”

    (She proceeds to drive away, and I get back to my work. As it is nearing closing time, I see her pull back in the lot.)

    Me: “Did I forget something, ma’am?”

    (She exits the car holding the jacket.)

    Customer: “Here, please try this on. If it fits, you may have it.”

    (I am absolutely thunder struck by this, so I try it on. It fits perfectly.)

    Customer: “I am glad it fits you. I have had this jacket for sometime now, and I am glad to see it go to someone who can appreciate it more than I do!”