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    (I work at a family amusement park in New Hampshire, where gambling is illegal. We have a fake casino amongst our arcades, but it gives out tickets, not money.)

    Guest: “How do I buy these prizes?”

    Me: “You have to win tickets from the machine and use them to purchase the prizes.”

    Guest: “I can’t just buy them?”

    Me: “No, sorry. Game prizes are not for sale.”

    (A little later…)

    Guest: “I played all these games and I got tickets instead of money! You said I’d get money! Where is my money, you b****?”

    Me: “I’m sorry if there was a miscommunication, sir. I said you’d get tickets and that you could use them to get prizes.”

    Guest: “Is this a f****** joke?!”

    (He threw the tickets in my face, spit on the floor, and stormed out, dragging his very young son after him, who had seen and experienced this whole tantrum.)