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    Like Explaining Red To The Blind

    | Westerville, Ohio, USA |

    (A customer calls to place an order for delivery. While entering the credit card information for payment, I need the zip code.)

    Me: “Can I get the ZIP code to the billing address?”

    Caller: “Where on the card is that?”

    Me: “The ZIP code. It’s not on the card.”

    Customer: “What is that? They always ask that, and it’s not on the card.”

    Me: “Um, the ZIP code. It’s…it’s a number the Post Office uses to tell where to deliver mail to.”

    (There’s a silence. I can’t tell if he’s thinking or if he’s just has no idea what’s going on.)

    Me: “I’ll just put [local ZIP code] and see if it works.”

    Customer: “Um, okay, yeah.”

    Me: “Ok, it went through. We’ll see you soon.”