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    Like A Certain Bunny, He Just Keeps Going

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    (I work at a movie rental store. One night, a strange man comes into my store and asks me a question.)

    Customer: *without making eye contact* “Do you guys have batteries?”

    Me: “No, I’m sorry but we don’t have batteries.”

    Customer: “Are you sure? ‘Cause…uh…I was sure you guys had batteries.”

    Me: “Yeah, I’m sure we don’t have batteries.”

    Customer: “I could have sworn you guys carried batteries.”

    Me: “No batteries, sorry.”

    (For 5 minutes, he keeps asking me if I was sure that we didn’t carry batteries. He eventually leaves. A friend of mine who works at the store next to mine comes in about a half hour later.)

    Friend: “I just had the strangest conversation. Some guy came into my store, and kept asking us if we sold–”

    Me: “Batteries?”

    Friend: “Yeah! How did you know?”