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    Let’s Not Make Her A Real Angel

    | Philadelphia, PA, USA | Uncategorized

    (A very small child of about 4 walks up to the slide at our pool.)

    Me: “I am so sorry sweetie, but you are a bit too small to go down the slide. Maybe next time!”

    (The child leaves in hysterics, only to bring back her mother.)

    Mother: “Why did you not let my angel go down the slide?”

    Me: “She is under 4 feet tall.”

    Mother: “Yes, I know. She’s an absolute angel.”

    Me: “Our policy clearly states that we cannot let a child under 4 feet tall ride the slide. She could get seriously injured or possibly drown when she reaches the bottom.”

    Mother: “Yes, I know, cute as a button!”

    Me: “My manager can further explain this to you, but I can’t risk her safety.”

    Mother: “But she is my angel!”

    Me: “She’s also under 4 feet tall. She could die, ma’am.”

    Mother: “Well its not like she can help it! How dare you make my angel feel bad about her height!”