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    Let Me Give You A Pizza My Mind, Part 2

    | Springfield, MO, USA | Uncategorized

    Me: “Thanks for choosing [pizza place]. Can I get your phone number, please?”

    (The customer provides his info.)

    Me: “It looks like you’ve already placed an order a few minutes ago. Did you need to change something?”

    Customer: “Yeah. My roommate is being a total woman over here. He doesn’t want to eat pizza.”

    Me: “Weird. I’m a woman, and I eat pizza all the time.”

    Customer: “Oh. Well, you know. Not a cool woman like you, but like a vegetarian or something.”

    Me: “I’m a vegetarian.”

    Customer: “Well, you know. I mean…uh…”

    (The customer explains his friend has an ulcer and cuts his order down to just one pizza.)

    Me: “Anything else?”

    Customer: “No. I’m not calling here ever again, I promise.”

    Let Me Give You A Pizza My Mind
    Giving A Pizza My Mind