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    Less Charge, Less Thanks

    | TN, USA | Crazy Requests

    (A coworker and I have just set up the sales sign in the store. We are discussing which signs are going to give us the most problems.)

    Coworker: “The ones up front say everything is 30% off, but when I scanned it at the till, it’s 50% off.”

    Me: “At least it’s not the other way around. Someone can have a pleasant surprise at the register.”

    Manager: “Did you two see any of the signs for up front?”

    Coworker: “Yeah, I put up the ones corporate sent us.”

    Manager: “Did they say 50% off?”

    Coworker: “No, they all said 30% off, but everything is ringing up at 50% off.”

    Manager: “Oh. I just had a lady accuse me of false advertising.”

    Coworker: “What? But she got the 50% off. Why would she complain? She got a better deal than the sign said.”

    Manager: “I’m going to go make new signs…”