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    Just Tell Him The Title, Pure And Simplex

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    (A customer approaches the counter with his girlfriend/partner. He wants to make sure that he has returned all of his items. The only book left on his account is one on a sensitive topic.)

    Me: “Well, it looks like there is just one… uh… health book on here.”

    Customer: “What? What ‘health book?’ I don’t have no ‘health’ books out.”

    Me: “Uh… it is a book about a… specific illness. If you like, I can show you how to look up your account information in private at our website.”

    Customer: “No, no, no! I don’t have time for all that. Just tell me what the dang book is!”

    Me: “It’s called Managing Herpes.”

    (The girlfriend’s eyes go wide and she turns to the customer.)

    Customer’s Girlfriend: “You… what… but you said… WHAT?!”

    (Both of them left quickly after that!)