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    Just Plain Batty, Part 2

    | California, USA | Crazy Requests, Religion

    (I work as a Sunday school teacher at my church, which I’ve been going to for the past ten years. Most of the church members know me by now, and they know I’m a goth, even though I don’t look it when I’m working. This happens when a new member notices I am wearing a bat necklace.)

    New Member: *gasps* “That’s scary!”

    Me: “Excuse me?”

    New Member: You “shouldn’t wear that to church. It’s scary and it’s evil! You’re corrupting the children!”

    Other Member: *to the new member* “It’s just a bat; bats aren’t evil.”

    New Member: “It’s a vampire, and vampires are from Satan!”

    (I put my necklace into my shirt so no one can see it. After church, the pastor comes up to me.)

    Pastor: “Where’s your necklace? Did you lose it?”

    Me: “Someone complained about it because it was ‘scary,’ so I tucked it into my shirt.”

    Pastor: “That’s stupid. I’d hate to have her see what you have planned for the kids this Halloween!”

    Just Plain Batty