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    July Top Story Roundup

    Not Always Right | Roundups

    July Top Story Roundup: From a bite-sized Batman to bigots getting the boot, here are our top-rated stories for the month of July!

    1. Harry Potter And The Disorder Of The Forks-Flicks (3,093 thumbs up)
      An out-of-control bookstore customer gets into a Twi-fight—with another customer!
    2. Revenge Is A Treat Best Served Sweet, Part 2 (3,047 thumbs up)
      A pint-sized customer gets a gallon of ice creaming for battling rudeness.
    3. Never Say No To La Novia (2,735 thumbs up)
      When a caring father saves an employee from harassment, he says “adios” to bigotry and his ex-wife!
    4. This We’ll Defend (2,681 thumbs up)
      Attack an employee and you’ll go to war—with the U.S. Army!
    5. Respect Your Zombie Elders (2,511 thumbs up)
      A 5-year-old gives a mouthy, zombie-crazed customer a piece of her mind.

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