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    It’s Spelled I-d-i-o-t

    | Indianapolis, IN, USA | Extra Stupid, Language & Words, Uncategorized

    (A customer has asked me to spell the name of the city, Indianapolis.)

    Me: “I-n-d..”

    Customer: “I-m-b…”

    Me: “No, I’m sorry, that was I-n-d…”

    Customer: “I-n-b…”

    Me: “That’s d, like dog.”

    Customer: “Oh. Okay.”

    Me: “Okay… you got that?”

    Customer: “I got it.”

    Me: “…i-a-n…”

    Customer: “…i-a-m…”

    Me: “That was an n, like Nancy.”

    Customer: “I have I-m-b-i-n-d-o-k-i-a-m-n.”

    Me: “Let’s start at the beginning.”

    Customer: “Oh. Okay.”

    Me: “I-n-d…”

    Customer: “I-n-d?”

    Me: “Yes. …i-a-n…”

    Customer: “All right, now I have I-n-d-i-a-m-i-m-b-i-n-d-o-k-i-a-m-n – is that how you spell Minneapolis?”

    Me: “No. It is not.”

    Customer: “Must be all them funny Indian letters. Okay, I’ll send this to you. Goodbye.”