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    It’s Not Easy Being Green

    , | Australia | Awesome Customers, Top

    (I’m taking orders and cashing cars at a well known fast food chain drive-thru. I’m having a really bad day. It’s the holidays, and in general all of the customers are being really rude and indecisive, while I’m still trying to be polite and smile. An old man has just placed his order and is approaching my window. I’m a female with green eyes.)

    Me: *giving the best smile I can manage* “Hi, sir! How are you today?”

    Old man: “Oh, my goodness! You’re just as beautiful as your voice sounds!”

    Me: *blushes* “Th-Thank you, sir.”

    (I finish cashing him and I hand out his change.)

    Old man: “And your eyes are so green! They’re beautiful! Have a lovely afternoon Sweetheart!”

    Me: “You too, sir! Thank you!”

    (The nice old man drives off. He made my day! It’s people like him that give me faith in humanity.)