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    It’s Never Too Late To Find Your Higher Calling

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    (A customer in his late 30s comes through my line with a few food items, a pack of printer paper, and a can of compressed air.)

    Me: “Hi. Find everything you needed today?”

    Customer: “I did, thank you.”

    (When I scan the canned air, the register automatically asks for ID.)

    Me: “May I please see your ID?”

    Customer: “Sure, but what for?”

    Me: “It’s for the canned air. The register won’t process an age-restricted product without actually scanning an ID.”

    Customer: “Why is it age-restricted?”

    Me: “Well, kids inhale it to get high. It really messes you up.”

    Customer: “Really?”

    (He looks down at his order.)

    Customer: “Think I should get another can?”