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    It Isn’t The Coffee That Is Bitter

    | Phoenix, AZ, USA | At The Checkout, Bad Behavior, Food & Drink

    (Our store serves mostly older customers and families. We promote a very friendly atmosphere, calling customers ‘hon’ and the like. An older customer comes in for a coffee.)

    Me: “Hi welcome to—”

    Customer: “I want a large hot coffee, with two creamers, and six sugars, and nothing else. And I want the senior discount.”

    Me: “Of course. After your discount, it comes to $2.06.”

    Customer: “Add the senior discount.”

    Me: “I already did, ma’am. Before the discount it was $2.29.”

    (The customer gestures to another customer.)

    Customer: “He got his for less. Why are you overcharging me?”

    Me: “He works here; it’s just his day off. The employee discount is different than the senior discount.”

    Customer: “Well, okay. So I owe you $1.73?”

    Me: “No, $2.06. The $1.73 on your screen is before tax. Right below that you should see $2.06.”

    Customer: “Thirty cents in taxes!?! I’m not paying that much!”

    Me: “I can’t control how much tax is ma’am. Here, how about I buy your coffee today.”

    Customer: “Two creamers, six sugars.”

    (I make her coffee, and she takes it outside. Less than two minutes later, she returns, fuming.)

    Customer: “This is so bitter!”

    Me: “I’m sorry. I can add some sugar for you.”

    Customer: “How many did you put in?”

    Me: “Six.”

    Customer: “I only want six. Don’t put any more in.”

    Me: “Okay, would you like non-sugar sweetener?”

    Customer: “No! Just make my coffee sweeter!”

    Me: “Hun, I don’t know how to make your coffee sweeter without adding anything to it.”

    Customer: “I want a refund! You’re terrible!”

    Me: “Your coffee was free. I can’t give you a refund on something free.”

    Customer: “I want my money back! Get me your manager!”

    (I got my manager, explaining everything. Eventually she ended up giving the customer a voucher for two free coffees, but not before I was called a “stupid, fat c***”.)