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    Inject Some Humor Into The Situation

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    (I am four years old, and in need of vaccinations. The nurse is babying me about it.)

    Me: “Just do it; I’m not scared.”

    (I have the vaccination with no problem.)

    Nurse: “Wow, you’re one of the toughest kids I’ve met.”

    Me: “Really? It’s nothing.”

    Nurse: “Oh, you are tough. Half of the kids your age come in crying.”

    Me: “Because they’re babies! I’m not.”

    Nurse: “Let me tell you something. I have a friend who is also a nurse. A 40-year-old man needed an injection and he cried for 10 minutes before he calmed down enough for her to inject him. And he cried after she stuck him too.”

    Me: “Really?!”

    Nurse: “Yeah. I wish he could have seen you.”