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    In Hot Water For Hot Sauce

    | St. Catharines, ON, Canada |

    (At my store, we charge for certain sauces if you get them on the side. I have just given the customer his food, but rather then leave he just stands there and stares at me.)

    Me: “I’m sorry, sir. Was there something else I can get for you?”

    Customer: “Yeah, I want sauce.”

    Me: “I’d be happy to get you some they are 25 cents. How many do you want?”

    Customer: “No, just give it to me for free.”

    Me: “I’m afraid I can’t do that. I’d get in trouble sir.”

    Customer: “I won’t tell you manager!”

    Me: “Actually, my manager is right there.” *points him out*

    Customer: “Oh…well, give it to me anyway. You can get another job later.”