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    In A Tsary State, Part 2

    | Boston, MA, USA | Language & Words

    (A group of three Russian 20-somethings comes in; they’re unaware that I also speak Russian. Note: state law in Massachusetts says I have to card everyone in a group in order to sell them alcohol.)

    Me: “May I see your IDs?”

    (Two give me their IDs, but one doesn’t have it on him.)

    Customer: “He’s not drinking.”

    Me: “I’m sorry, but I need his ID anyway. State law: I have to card the whole group.”

    Customer: “But he’s not drinking.”

    Me: “If you don’t all have IDs, I can’t sell this to you. Sorry, guys.”

    (The man without his ID goes to their car to get it. He returns, I check it, and proceed to run the credit card through, but the customer is clearly upset by this minor inconvenience. I print out the receipt and the customer signs the store copy.)

    Customer: *in Russian* “Here you go, b****.”

    Me: *also in Russian* “Thank you! Bye bye, now!”

    (I have never seen anyone leave the store that quickly before in my life!)

    In A Tsary State