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    Illogical Conclusions

    | United Kingdom | Top

    (One day a man broke into our staff-only area and stole mine and my colleague’s purses and phones. This exchange took place about two minutes after I disturbed the burglar and he ran past me. I was in a bad state of shock.)

    Customer: “What’s happened?”

    Me: “Someone has just broken into upstairs and stolen our purses and mobiles.”

    Customer: “Well, you know why that is don’t you? It’s because your prices are so high!”

    Me: “Excuse me?”

    Customer: “Well if your prices weren’t so high then people wouldn’t need to do that.”

    Me: “I’m sorry…you believe that because you think our stock is expensive that it gave someone the right to steal my personal possessions?”

    (The customer then looked around her and noticed the rest of the queue staring at her in disbelief.)

    Customer: “Well it’s not that I think…I mean…some might say…I…”

    (She stuttered incoherently for a while and then paid for her items in silence.)

    Next Customer: “What a complete fool! Are you alright, dear?”