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    Illegalize Stupidity

    | Kansas City, MO, USA | Food & Drink

    Guest #1: “What’s a Flaming Dr. Pepper?”

    Me: “It’s a shot of Amaretto topped with Bacardi 151 and set on fire. You drop it into half a beer and chug it. It tastes just like a Dr. Pepper.”

    Guest #1: “We’ll take two.”

    Me: “Sorry, since they’re on fire, we can’t serve them. It violates city fire code.”

    Guest #2: “C’mon, we want to try it.”

    (I explain that if they drink them at the bar in front of me I’ll allow it. I pour the half beers, the shot of Amaretto, and top it with the 151. I place all this in front of them and light the shots on fire.)

    Guest #1: “Now what?”

    Me: “Hold the beer in one hand and the shot in the other.”

    (They do so.)

    Me: “Now drop the shot.”

    Guest #1: “Drop the shot?”

    Me: “Drop the shot.”

    (Guest #2 drops the shot in the beer and begins to chug as instructed. Guest #1 misunderstands and drops the shot on the bar, spilling the now flaming shot all over the counter. The Bacardi, as well as the flames, spread. I put it out but it takes a few moments and it is a little frightening.)

    Me: “Now, do we know why they are illegal to serve?”