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    Ignorant About Immigrants

    | St. Louis, MO, USA | Bigotry, Language & Words

    (All of the signs in our store are both in English and Spanish.)

    Me: “Welcome to [store name]. How can I help you?”

    Customer: “Yeah, I wanna know why the h*** you people cater to them Mexicans!”

    Me: “I’m sorry your feel that way, sir. But it is company policy that we post in multiple languages; we even have a phone line that can translate for our customers. We consider it good customer service.” 

    Customer: “That is bull! We are in America and people should speak American!”

    Me: *getting ornery* “Well, sir, even I don’t speak American. I speak English.”

    Customer: “You are one of those Brits! Probably came here to take a good American job just like the rest of them!”

    Me: “No sir, I’m not British. I was born and raised right here in Missouri.” 

    Customer: “Then why don’t you speak American?”

    (At this point my coworker, having overheard everything, steps in.)

    Coworker: “Because ‘American’ isn’t a language.”

    Customer: “Yes it is! You d*** foreign people are taking over! I’m never shopping here again!” *leaves*