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    If You’re Naughty, We’ll Cart You Off

    | South Dakota, USA | Family & Kids, Top

    (A mother with two young children enter the store. Upset because she can’t ride in the car-shaped cart, the little girl sits on the floor and throws a fit.)

    Mother: “Come on, honey. We don’t have all day.”

    Daughter: *continues to pout*

    Mother: *exasperated* “Seriously, come on or I’ll leave you here!”

    Daughter: *continues to pout*

    Me: *to the daughter* “You know what we do with kids who aren’t with their parents? We put them to work… hard work! We will make you go get carts. It is no fun…” *a coworker getting carts comes inside, so I turn to him* “Just ask him!”

    Coworker: “My mom left me here five years ago!”

    Daughter: *darts up and runs to her mother*

    Mother: *to us* “Thank You!”

    Ah, Parents