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    I Scream For Pizza

    | Rome, Italy | Uncategorized

    (While working at a gelato shop in Rome, a tourist approaches me.)

    Customer: “Excuse me, miss! I’d like a pizza!”

    Me: “We don’t sell pizza here. This is a gelato shop.”

    Customer: “What are you talking about? This is Italy! Don’t you have pizza in Italy?”

    Me: “Yes, we have pizza in Italy, but this is not a pizzeria, so we don’t sell pizza. There are pizzerias, though, if you look.”

    Customer: “So this is Italy?”

    Me: “Correct.”

    Customer: “And this is a restaurant.”

    Me: “Sort of, though we only sell the ice cream.”

    Customer: “But this is ITALY.”

    (After a few minutes of getting nowhere, my coworker attempts to help.)

    Coworker: *jokingly* “Ma’am, if you want pizza, I can get you some for 100 euros.”

    (100 euros is about $150 USD. Without hesitation, the customer pulls out two 50s and hands them to my coworker.)

    Co-worker: *hands the tourist the money back* “It’s okay, ma’am. Let me direct you to a nearby pizzeria…”