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    I Know You Are But What Am I

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    Debtor: “It’s not my fault the payment didn’t go through, your system
    stuffed up.”

    Me: “No it didn’t, the message from the bank we have here clearly states ‘Invalid Transaction’.”

    Debtor: “No, it doesn’t.”

    Me: ” Actually, it does. I see here your credit card has expired.”

    Debtor: “No, it hasn’t.”

    Me: “I mean, the one we have on file. I can update this right now.”

    Debtor: “It’s not my fault. You refused the payment.”

    Me: “The bank, your financial institution, reversed the payment.”

    Debtor: “No, they didn’t.”

    Me: “Yes, they did. Why would we refuse a payment? Your bank reversed it. We need to update those details.”

    Debtor: “No, you don’t.”

    Me: “Please stop simply contradicting me.”

    Debtor: “I’m not contradicting you.”

    Me: “Yes, you are.”

    Debtor: “No I’m not!”

    Me: *eyetwitch