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    How To Make The Customer Blossom

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    (A gentleman approaches the counter; he is clearly well-off and his tone is rather arrogant and sharp.)

    Customer: “You’re going to make me a bouquet for my wife, for delivery.”

    Me: “Oh, wonderful! For an anniversary?”

    Customer: “Yes.” *scoffs* “Give me roses.”

    (The customer proceeds to waste both our time making disparaging remarks regarding our roses, and brushing me off when I state they aren’t cleaned yet. He is arrogant and rude about the delivery times, and orders me about a little more. By the end I’m answering him quite sharply and quickly; he seems to notice. We part ways amicably. A couple of days pass; the customer comes in while I’m working with my boss. He points at me.)

    Customer: “You! You made up a bouquet for my wife the other day.”

    Me: “Yes, sir. How did she like it?”

    Customer: “Fine. I left my debit card, though.”

    Me: “Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t catch that. I’ll just get it from the office.”

    (I’m now off-shift and punched out. While we wait for the supervisor to bring the card, I make small talk.)

    Me: “So, she liked the flowers? How thoughtful to make sure she got flowers on her anniversary!”

    (He visibly warms towards me. He receives his card.)

    Customer: “I need three roses. I need your help.”

    (We choose three beautiful, long-stemmed yellow roses. I wrap them up for him and put him through, and pass him the roses. He hands them back to me.)

    Customer: “These are for you. The bouquet for my wife was beautiful; she loved it. Thank you for everything.”

    (I beamed for the rest of the day!)