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    How Dare You Care

    | Carlsbad, CA, USA |

    (A customer is browsing around in the store.)

    Me: “Hi, are you finding everything all right?”

    Customer: “Am I finding everything all right?! What kind of a stupid question is that?”

    Me: *speechless* “Um–”

    Customer: “You know, I’ve always hated that question! I wish I could just find the son of a b**** who started that asking that question!”

    Me: *mouth open, about to say something*

    Customer: “What you’re supposed to ask is, ‘Hello sir, is there anything I could help you find?'”

    Me: *about to do as he says*

    Customer: “‘Am I finding everything all right?!’ That’s like asking me ‘How’s my life?’ How’s your life? Found everything you’re looking for? Are you happy with your life?”

    Me: *speechless*

    Customer: “Of course not!”

    (There’s an awkward silence as I try to figure out what to say to him.)

    Customer: “Spread the word!” *exits the store*

    Me: forced smile* “Thank you, enjoy the rest of your day!”