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    How About We Read You The Riot Act

    | Cape Town, South Africa | Love/Romance

    Customer: “Hi, I am looking for a fashion book.”

    Me: “Sure, sir. Do you know the title or any specifics?”

    Customer: “No, I do not.”

    Me: “I will show you the fashion section then, sir.”

    (As we walk to the fashion section…)

    Customer: “I don’t know why people read; it’s like a disease! I find Facebook and other things on the internet are more fun.”

    Me: “I enjoy reading, sir. It’s quite stimulating and exciting.”

    Customer: “So, if you read, that means you don’t have a girlfriend?”

    Me: “I do have a girlfriend. We have been together a long time.”

    Customer: “How does she put up with you reading?”

    Me: “She enjoys reading too, sir.”

    Customer: “Oh, so you two must have a very boring life together and do nothing fun!”