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    Honey, I Shrunk The Brain

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    (We pack and sell raw local honey in plastic jars.)

    Customer: “I don’t like these plastic jars. They are messy. You should use glass jars.”

    Me: “Glass is much heavier, and it breaks so easily. But I’ve never noticed it being messier to deal with. How does it trouble you?”

    Customer: “Plastic leaks.”

    Me: “I beg your pardon?”

    Customer: “I take a bit of honey each night before bed. And every morning there is a ring of honey on the nightstand where it has leaked out of the jar.”

    Me: “I know if the jar is poured, you must wipe it off or the drip will run down the outside and make a sticky mess. But the same is true of any honey jar.”

    Customer: “No, it leaks out the bottom. And only plastic jars.”

    Me: “But all these boxes here are full of plastic jars, and the box bottoms are clean and dry.”

    Customer: “Well, of course it doesn’t do it here. It’s only on nightstands!”