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    Honest Conductor Versus Dishonest Conduct

    | Boston, MA, USA | Liars & Scammers, Theme Of The Month, Transportation

    (I’m riding the train when a passenger with a walker approaches the area where you pay. As she gets up the first stair, she trips, making a second passenger in front of her drop her wallet. I see the first passenger snatch up the money that falls from the second passenger’s wallet. She takes her seat and the other passenger confronts her.)

    Passenger #2: “Excuse me, I think you have my money. There was $30 in my wallet before it fell, and now there’s none.”

    Passenger #1: “Well this is all my money for my tickets and trains. It’s not yours.”

    Passenger #2: “The conductor told me you grabbed it when it fell.”

    Passenger #1: “Well that’s not true. IT’S MY MONEY!”

    Me: “Then why is it folded differently than the rest of your money?”

    (Passenger #1 finally gives up and gives back the money. The conductor even apologizes to Passenger #2 for the bad behavior of Passenger #1.)