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    Hissy Fits As Profit Centers

    | Columbus, OH, USA |

    (I was working the morning shift at a local sandwich shop and accidently gave the wrong order to the wrong patron. I ran outside to trade the first customer and came back in and approached the second…)

    Me: “Sorry sir, I gave your order to the wrong man. Would you like me to remake this for you?”

    Customer: “You put s**t in my sandwich! I don’t want it back!”

    Me: “Oh, no sir. I’m sorry. See I gave this to the wrong man and ran out to trade him. Like I said, I can remake this for you it will just take a minute.”

    Customer: “NO. You put s**t in my sandwich, I don’t want YOU to make me another.”

    Me: “Well okay, sir. If you meet me at my register I will be more than happy to refund your money.”

    Customer: “Listen here you little b***h, you put s**t in my f*****g sandwich! I can’t believe your manager doesn’t fire you!”

    (This whole time my manager stand there laughing, doing nothing to help.)

    Me: “What can I do to make this experience better for you? I can make a new sandwich or give you your money back.”

    Customer: “F**K YOU!”

    (He then storms away and leaves sandwich/money free. As he’s leaving I yell…)

    Me: “Thanks for breakfast!”

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