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    High On Life

    | Cincinnati, OH, USA | Food & Drink

    (I’m a waitress at a popular franchise, and we are unexpectedly busy for a Monday night. I’m serving an elderly couple their drinks.)

    Me: “Here you go: I have an iced tea and a water!”

    Old Man: “Oh, I know you! We had you last time.”

    (The couple is an older couple, maybe in their sixties or seventies. I don’t recognize them, but I’ve been working at this location for a couple of years, so I’ve met an awful lot of people.)

    Me: “Oh, you did? Well, it’s great to see you back, then!”

    Old Man: “Yes, I recognize you, because there aren’t a lot of people that cheerful.”

    Me: *grins* “Yeah, I’m usually pretty happy.”

    Old Man: “That, or you’re on some seriously good s***!”

    Me: *busts out laughing*