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    High-Five Cents

    | Nova Scotia, Canada | Uncategorized

    (A line has formed at the cash. My boss is doing paperwork at the desk behind me. I finish ringing up a customer.)

    Me: “Hello there, ma’am. Before I ring you in, would you like a plastic bag today? I only ask because they do cost five cents extra.”

    (She looks at me in angry disgust.)

    Customer: “You still charge people even though it’s raining outside?! That’s disgusting! Are you proud of yourself?!”

    Me: “Since all of the proceeds from plastic bags go to a wildlife preservation foundation, yes. I am proud of myself.”

    (The customer stalks away in disgust. I turn around to see my boss staring at me.)

    Manager: “Did you just say that?”

    Me: “Yup.”

    (She raises her hand for a high-five.)