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    Harvested From The Great Nyquil Tree

    | Ontario, Canada | Health & Body

    Patient: “Hi, my 6-month-old grandson has some congestion in his nose and a fever. I gave him some NyQuil yesterday and that seemed to help. Is there anything you would recommend?”

    Me: “For the congestion, you can use these saline drops, they’re–”

    Patient: “No! I don’t wanna use that medicated stuff.”

    Me: “All right. Well, for the fever you can try this Tylenol. Do you know the wei–”

    Patient: “No! I don’t want to use that! It has acetaminophen in it! That’s not safe for babies.”

    Me: “Actually, acetaminophen is quite safe for infants.”

    Patient: “You’re a pharmacist. You would say that!”

    Me: “Well, the only other option is the Advil.”

    Patient: “That has acetaminophen too!”

    Me: “No, that has ibuprofen. Which is also saf–”

    Patient: “No, it isn’t!”

    Me: “Are you aware that NyQuil has acetaminophen in it?”

    Patient: “You lie! NyQuil has NyQuil in it! Isn’t there anything more natural I can give?!”

    Me: “No.”

    Patient: “You’re useless!” *storms off*