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    Hardcovers Vs. Hard Hats

    | Melbourne, Australia | Crazy Requests

    Customer: “Hi, do you have any safety vests?”

    Me: “Safety vests?”

    Customer: “Yeah. Safety vests.”

    Me: “Like the ones that are neon yellow with reflective stripes?”

    Customer: “Yes! A safety vest! Are you an idiot?”

    Me: “Uhhh, no sir, but we’re a science fiction bookstore. You’d want a hardware store for that kind of thing.”

    Customer: “Well, why DON’T you sell them?”

    Me: “Because we sell books.”

    Customer: “Well, you should!”

    Me: “I don’t think many of our customers would normally want a safety vest when they come into a bookstore, sir.”

    Customer: “Well, I did!”

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