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    Grand Theft Promises

    | Oxford, MS, USA | Family & Kids, Technology, Theme Of The Month

    (I am a customer at a video game store, when a mother and her child, who can’t be more than seven, walk in.)

    Kid: “I want these games, Mom!” *hands her several sports games*

    Mom: “Okay, well, we’re gonna get them used because they’re cheaper.”

    Kid: “I also want this game!” *hands her ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’*

    Mom: “Well, here’s a used copy, so I guess it’s okay.”

    Me: *quietly, so the kid doesn’t hear* “Ma’am, I hate to interrupt, but Grand Theft Auto isn’t a game for children. In that game, you can buy a hooker, beat her up with a baseball bat, and steal her money.”

    Mom: “You can do what now? What’s this game about?”

    Me: “It’s about stealing cars and killing people. It’s not a game for children.”

    Mom: *to kid* “Hey! You promise you ain’t gonna do none o’ that?”

    Kid: “YEAH!”

    Mom: “Well, okay then!”