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    Got A Bad Feline About This One

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    (I do volunteer work at an animal shelter. A lady calls and inquires about a particular cat that she saw on our website. She agrees to come down to the shelter to meet the cat. I bring the cat out as she arrives.)

    Me: “This is [Cat]. She is a bit shy.”

    Lady: “Well, hello there!” *pets cat’s head hard*

    Cat: *backs away*

    Me: “She prefers to be petted on her back, not the head.”

    Lady: “Oh, okay.” *keeps petting cat’s head*

    Cat: *hisses and spits*

    Me: *thinking she misunderstood* “No, no. Like this.” *pets cat’s back*

    Cat: *purrs*

    Lady: “Oh, okay.” *pets cat’s head*

    Cat: *runs away*

    Me: “You know, maybe this isn’t the pet for you…”